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We are the School Council for the pupils of St Joseph's. There are two representatives from Year 2 upwards elected on the School Council. The children elect their own class representatives, with new committee members each year.

We represent the views of all the pupils, with the aim to improve our school. We have a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the committee.

We meet regularly and through our work changes have happened. After a meeting we give feedback to the school during an assembly and at times ask them for their support.

"It is my last year at primary school and I want to help out the school before I leave." Michael

"This year I really want to help the school and make it a better place." Canaan

"I would like to be part of the school council because I like helping out the school and attending the meetings." Amael

"I think I will be good on the school council because I have lots of good ideas" Elizabeth

"I"m glad I have been chosen for the school council by my class and I want to make the school even better." Isaac

"I am happy to be on the school council so I want to do my bit." Eve

"I have never done anything important in the school so I want to do it now" Milosz

"I want the school to be a happy place." Alice

"I like being on the school council because I like the meetings and I like to care about my friends." Jude

"I like to make the school a better place and make it so good, that when other people come to visit they think our school"s great." Molly

School Council Representatives

Year 6
Year 6
Year 5
Year 5
Year 4

Year 4
Year 3
Year 3
Year 2
Year 2

Our Council Say

I enjoy being on the school council and was very excited to be picked. Kristen

I love being in the school council because I get to help my friends. Martha

Being in the school council is also a bit hard. I have to make good choices not just for me, but for the whole school. Edward

I really enjoy being on the school council because you get to make decisions on your schools behalf and you"re helping your school in many ways. One of our projects right now is to update the library as it"s lacking oomph! Ella

When I got picked I was very happy. Alicia

It"s a fun job because you get to decide on new projects and help with decisions and do all different activities with your school. It"s also a hard job because you have to make many tricky decisions. SyraMae

It is a pleasure being in the place I am now and I hope I make the right decisions for my school. John

We need to have more books in school and I can help everyone else to choose their books. Calum

I really want to help the school to get more books and help the library to be a nicer place. Oliver

I"m in the school council and a librarian. I have a lot of ideas for our current project. I am very enthusiastic about being in the school council. I really want to help our school to be brilliant with all of my ideas. James

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