Curriculum Intent for French 

In French, children are given the opportunity to develop an understanding of France and the spoken and written language. During the early learning of French, emphasis is put upon the spoken language, mastering pronunciations and remembering more, lesson upon lesson. Children are encouraged to have the confidence to speak in French to others, not only during French lessons but throughout the school day.  

Curriculum Implementation  

We use the Language Angels resource to meet all aspects of the National Curriculum. Topics are chosen to ensure progression whilst also building on vital skills and knowledge. Repetition is used, to ensure children remember more. Topics provide the foundations, ready for secondary education. All year groups from 3-6 start the year with a phonetics lesson, where each year builds upon the knowledge learned in the previous year. From here, children move through early, intermediate and progressive language teaching. At the start of each new topic, emphasis is, once again, put upon the spoken language. Once children are confident with the spoken language, they learn how to write; it helps the children to know how the word sounds prior to writing it, due to the differences between the English and French phonetics systems. 

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Here are the topics covered in French.

KS2 French LTP