Welcome to Year 5!

In Year 5 we have a positive attitude to learning. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes which makes our classroom a safe space to learn and thrive.  

We have a balanced fun curriculum. We cover 6 main topics across Year 5 and 6. These are taught in Cycles. The three we study in Cycle A are: Maafa (Africa), Frozen Kingdom (Artic and Antarctic) and Britain at War (First and Second World Wars_. The three we study in Cycle B are: Dynamic Dynasties (Shang Dynasty), Sow, Grow and Farm (a Geography topic about agriculture) and Groundbreaking Greeks (Ancient Greece). We began Cycle A in 2022/23 and Cycle B in 2023/24.

During the Lent Term year 5 go on a residential retreat to the NDYS Retreat Centre at the Briars, Derbyshire. It is a mixture of team building activities, prayerful opportunities and lots of fun! At the end of the year we have our musical performance with Year 6. It can be anything from Matilda to The Lion King!  

Our Learning

To find out more about the subjects we teach, please click on the subject tabs.

There is some information for parents about the learning here:

Year 5 Curriculum Overview for Parents Advent Term

Year 5 Curriculum Overview for Parents Lent Term

Year 5 Curriculum Outline, Pentecost Tern