Curriculum Intent for History

Within our history topics at St Joseph’s, our children will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world. We encourage our children to ask questions and to inspire their curiosity about the past. We equip the children with skills to enable them to dig deeper within our topics and become historians. We inspire the children to find out about how and why the world, our country, culture, and local community have developed over time, children will understand how the past influences the present. Within our topics, we encourage children to know more and remember more through our deep questioning.  



At St Joseph’s we have carefully chosen our topics to meet the needs of the National Curriculum ensuring our children understand the chronological order of British History. We focus on two history topics in depth during the Advent and Pentecost Term. In Key Stage 2, we work on a 2 year cycle, meaning that our Year 3s and 4s learn about the same topic. Year 5 and 6 also work together on the same topic. Please see our Curriculum overview for clarification. Our children are taught to use their historical skills which have been carefully chosen and made explicit throughout lessons. At the start of a new history topic, the class teachers refer back to previous historical topics to secure the children’s knowledge along with children feeling confident with placing historical events on a timeline. As a school, we ensure local history within Market Harborough is considered and plays an important role within our lessons.  

History Long Term Plan

Here is the Skills Progression for History throughout school:

History Skills Progression

Here are the objectives children in the different Key stages work on:

Key Stage 1 Historical Skills

Key Stage 2 Historical Skills