Curriculum intent for Maths
At St. Joseph’s, we aim for all our children to become efficient mathematicians and to create a lifelong love of the subject. All children will have the opportunity to maximise the development of their language and thinking skills through our mastery approach. They will build their confidence and develop a growing fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics through frequent practise and will be able to move fluently between various mathematical concepts and ideas. Pupils will reason mathematically and develop their ability to apply their skills to a range of increasingly complex problems, justifying their solutions with mathematical representations and language. Children who grasp concepts quickly will be challenged to deepen their understanding throughout units of work and new learning is introduced to each class when they are ready. Children at our school are encouraged to be efficient mathematicians who look for patterns, use what they know, think deeply and apply their learning across a range of topics.


At St. Joseph’s, we have embedded the Teaching for Mastery approach for Maths, following the National Curriculum. We put a large amount of focus on understanding and applying the concepts taught; The answer is only the beginning!

Through our maths lessons, we develop fluency, problem solving and reasoning to ensure that we have well-rounded, efficient and confident mathematicians. We believe that all children can master concepts in Maths and, where children struggle, we put in support to help them achieve the objective. Where children grasp concepts quickly, they work on deepening their understanding by applying their knowledge in different ways.

Our teachers use a variety of resources to support the children’s learning. From Year 1 to Year 6, we use Maths! No Problem. as our main resource but take from a wide range, including White Rose and the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) to ensure that our lessons are bespoke for our children. EYFS mainly follow White Rose.

Our lessons are broken down into small steps to ensure that children really understand concepts. We are supported by using equipment, varied questioning and representations. Our lessons are characterised by lots of paired talk and discussion as we feel this is a really valuable tool in supporting clear understanding.

Below you will find our curriculum overview which outlines what is taught where and also our Curriculum process which goes into more detail regarding our key principles

Maths Long Term Plan Detailed For All Years

Maths Curriculum Process

At St. Joseph’s, in Years 1-6, we follow the lesson order of Maths! No Problem. These can be seen below.

Year 1 Scheme Of Work

Year 2 Scheme Of Work

Year 3 Scheme Of Work

Year 4 Scheme Of Work

Year 5 Scheme Of Work

Year 6 Scheme Of Work

By following the Maths!No Problem! scheme of work, we use a spiral approach, which means topics are re-visited and built upon each year. See this here: Spiral Approach By Topic

Our Foundation Class, follow the White Rose Scheme of Work, which can be found here:

Reception Scheme Guidance For Teachers And FAQs Autumn 2021 1