The aim of PE at St. Joseph’s is to promote an enjoyment of all physical activity and support children to becoming life-long movers. A wide range of sports, after school clubs and competitions are provided, giving children the best chance to find their love for physical activity. Alongside their physical skills, children will develop their passion, self-belief, respect, honesty, determination and teamwork skills that will support them in school as well as throughout their lives. Through PE we can support children to become conscientious members of society with healthy, positive lifestyles.
PE at St. Joseph’s provides engaging and challenging lessons across a wide variety of sporting opportunities including invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding, dance, gymnastics and swimming. The long-term plan ensures that all pupils are able to meet the National Curriculum objectives and become competent in the skills outlined there. Two PE sessions are provided each week, with Swimming units for all of our Key Stage 2 classes. High quality PE sessions are complimented by many After School Clubs run by our Sports Coaches, External Local clubs, Secondary School Sports Leaders and our Staff. Through our School Sports Partnership, our pupils are invited to participate in a range of competitive and non-competitive sporting events. These events aim to provide all pupils with the chance to take part in competitions with other schools and children. We have also had our pupils represent our area on several occasions. From our Year 6 class, we have four sports ambassadors and four well-being ambassadors. These children help to organise and run events throughout the school year at lunchtimes and even get the opportunity to address the whole school in assemblies about their plans and ideas.

You can see what is taught across our Year groups here:

PE Long Term Plan NCOs